Episode 2: The Aussies strike back with Engine Yard

In this episode we are aurally assaulted with Australian accents: featuring Dr Nic Williams – VP Developer relations from Engine Yard, and the host Michael Neale from CloudBees.

Michael and Nic talk about Nic’s research into VMWare’s Cloud Foundry/BOSH (tutorial here), and RHT’s OpenShift, as well as the history and current state of play with Engine Yard.
The perils of NIH syndrome and open source are discussed – Nic is a prolific open source project maker (and some what abandoner?)

What makes up a good runtime for a PaaS is discussed, as is the state of ruby runtimes and Engine Yard’s ruby webserver replacement “Puma“.

Make sure to follow Dr Nic and Michael on Twitter (I do and I enjoy it:) )

Episode 1: Play and Groovy

For this first episode of “Code-2020”, we have interviewed Guillaume Laforge, lead of the Groovy language and, for the Play framework, Guillaume Bort (CEO of Zenexity and founder of the Play framework) and Sadek Drobi (CTO of Zenexity).

The interview took place on the 19th of April 2012 in Paris, at the (great and first) DEVOXX France conference. This first interview kinda acts as a test: if you can understand most of it, you should be good for the next episode. All four persons on the episode will show you different types of French accent, so enjoy!

I’d like to thank Marc Fleury for allowing us to use one of his song, “Radio Moscow“, for CODE-2020’s anthem.

During the interview, we’ll talk about different companies and projects, here is a list of some of those:

You’ll obviously learn all of the great things about Play 2.0, Groovy 2.0 and why you should use them!

You can discuss about this episode in our Google Groups.

Note: no electron was hurt during that interview.